The Green Room








You have just stumbled upon the Green Room! 


So what do the characters from Combat! do when they need to unwind?  Sometimes they grab their buddies and go to Mexico for sand, sun, and a lot of margaritas.  Sometimes they go fishing.  Sometimes they cook up wild story ideas all on their own and head off to wheedle and con their way into the fiction of other writers.  And sometimes they go to the Green Room.


Occasionally, their exploits in the Green Room get recorded.  Such as one afternoon, a few days before last Christmas...


Or that day in April when Hanley decided to indulge White Queen and Thompson Girl's love of westerns...


Or that other day in April when Saunders sweet-talked White Queen into moving forward with her sequel to "Hide and Seek" a lot sooner than she planned to...


Then May rolled around and with the weather warming up, a certain squad member decided he didn't need to keep his uniform on...


Ah, July!  Cookouts, fireworks, baseball, vacations, and... jail time for squad members who don't learn their lessons?


And then, just like that, it's October (where does the time go??), and a few new problems kept the guys from enjoying their downtime...


Early November and Brockmeyer's still at large, or is he?


So, the holidays are rolling around already.  How is the squad celebrating this particular Thanksgiving Day?


Happy New Year! and it's party time in the Green Room...

And the next thing you know it's September and the 2007 fanzine has arrived... where did the summer go?

November and Hanley thinks he has a plan.

It looks like 2008's going to be full of surprises, if January is any indication.

February.  Cold, damp, and full of writer's block.  Or... not?

August and Billy tries to figure how to get the writers working again.

With October wrapping up, the squad faces November, and the annual return of NaNoWriMo and more NaNo.

Who's that stranger rummaging in the Green Room fridge?

April again, and the game's afoot as everyone wonders whodunit.  And what they dun.  Did.  Whatever, the story's over here.

Still April, and Spring's in the air with... muddy foxholes and pie?

It's that time of year again, NaNoWriMo time, and the squad is not happy about it.

April again, and the dust's flying in the great Green outdoors.

It's the new year, 2012, and what are those children doing in the Green Room?

Labor Day weekend 2012! A perfect time for trying to write.

New Year's 2013, and the squad is getting hard up for new stories to star in.

Whoa!  Wrong turn!  Get me out of here!

But where are those margaritas?